Maximise ROI on unsold dwellings with a residual stock loan

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Residual Stock


Maximise ROI

Hold or leverage completed property stock for best returns.

Range of loan options

Loans from $1M to $100M, from 3 months to 3 years.

Generous LVR

Up to 70% LVR financing.

Best deal

Access Australia’s top non-bank lenders for reliable site financing.

How can Wefund help?

Residual stock, or take-out loans are designed for property developers who have completed a project and wish to retain some of the remaining units or dwellings, rather than sell them to settle the balance of their property development loan.

Before you are approved for a development loan, the lender may stipulate the level of sales you need to achieve before advancing funding. When the development is finished, you are required to pay back the facility. This is achieved either by refinancing to another lender or by selling some of the residual stock. However, if market conditions aren’t right, residual stock can be difficult to sell, particularly because lenders can be reluctant to provide finance to buyers in developments with a high vacancy rate.

This is where residual stock financing can help with a development loan refinanced as a short-term loan. Residual stock can then be held until a more favourable time. A lender will usually set up separate loans for each unit or dwelling, rather than a large single facility covering all residual stock. As each unit is sold, that particular facility is settled and closed.

For commercial projects – such as the redevelopment of retail shop units, a supermarket, new office suite or large block of units – a lender may also consider property development income and let you refinance more units in your development.

How can Wefund offer you a better deal with a non-bank lender?

If you want to wait and sell in a better market

Some property developers choose to hold some of their stock to sell at a later date when market conditions are more promising and they can maximise their return on investment (ROI). Others may simply need more time; a common scenario for property developers planning more projects for the future.

In this situation, it’s a good strategy to maintain a strong capital position, particularly when faced with potentially significant gaps in cash flow between starting construction and generating revenue from sales.

If it forms part of a longer-term investment strategy

A developer may find it financially beneficial, for example, to rent out the residual stock from a property development and take advantage of negative gearing benefits while paying interest only on a residual stock loan. Or, they may want to leverage against the residual stock to invest in other areas – for example, to buy their next development site – or to improve their balance sheet by retaining these assets, thereby enjoying long-term capital growth.

Types of Properties






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Residual Stock Terms


Up to 75%

Loan Amount

Up to $200m

Term Length

Tailored to sales schedule

Special Conditions

Tranche reduction of debt supported

Why use Wefund for your residual stock loan?

We offer fast, transparent non-bank property and development finance through our pre-qualified pool of over 60 lenders.

We’ve reinvented the way property developers and business owners obtain construction finance. Our platform streamlines the lending process using the latest technology for quicker, more reliable, and secure construction funding. This process is based on a proven structure used by Australia’s best commercial brokers, such as Wefund.

Wefund is more than just a technology platform, however. Our specialist team supports you to structure your application before it’s presented to the most appropriate lenders on our platform. After reviewing all the information, lenders are then free to submit their terms to finance a deal.

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