Land bank funding made simple with fast, transparent non-bank financing

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Land Bank


Capitalise on the future

Turn urban or rural land land into a marketable asset


Wide range of options

Loans from $200k to $20 million, 1 week to 1 year. Funded in as little as 48 hours.


Tailored finance options

Access top-tier non-bank lenders for flexible finance options that won’t tie you down.


Prepare for construction phase

Gain time for building approvals, DAs and pre-sales (if required)

How can Wefund help?

If you’re a property developer looking to expand your portfolio by capitalising on land banking, Wefund can help with land bank funding. We work closely with you to ensure that loan interest rates, LVRs, terms and serviceability requirements are tailored to meet your unique requirements and risk appetite. 

Our property development expertise and custom proprietary finance platform give you access to fast and transparent non-bank finance if the banks – or other non-bank lenders – say no. We can arrange land bank funding to help with the settlement of land in various stages of zoning and Development Approval (DA).

We understand that during the term of a land bank loan the key focus for a developer is to minimise project risk. This includes during steps like finalising all remaining design, zoning and construction consents and approvals, marketing and obtaining presales, procuring a construction contract and obtaining construction finance approvals.

A land bank loan repayment is typically achieved at the point of initial settlement of construction finance. In many cases, Wefund has exclusively arranged for construction finance to settle a land bank loan, thus providing an end to end solution.

When can we provide a land bank loan?


Your development approval is not in place, or needs amending.


There has been amalgamation with other sites.


 It’s not the right time for the type of project.


Your site is being rezoned.


You’re awaiting a new Local Environmental Plan (LEP).


You need time to get ready for the construction phase.

Types of Properties








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Why use Wefund for your land bank funding?

We offer fast, transparent non-bank property and development finance through our pre-qualified pool of over 60 lenders.

We’ve reinvented the way property developers and business owners obtain construction finance. Our platform streamlines the lending process using the newest technology for quicker, more reliable, and secure construction funding. This process is based on a proven structure used by Australia’s best commercial brokers.

Wefund is more than just a technology platform, however. Our specialist team reviews and helps structure applications before they are presented to the most appropriate lenders on our platform. After reviewing all the information, lenders are then free to submit their terms to finance a deal.

Land Bank Funding Terms

Up to 65%
Loan Amount

Up to $500m

Term Length

Up to 2 years

Special Conditions

Capitalised interest available

Our Process


Loan application submitted through the Wefund platform.


Applications will be reviewed by the Wefund team within 24 hours.


A deal is structured by our experienced construction lending team and presented through our platform to the most suitable lenders


Borrowers receive transparent offers outline fees, interest rates, and conditions so they can make an informed decision


Borrowers accept the indicative offer from their chosen lender


Wefund manages your loan application from offer to settlement to ensure a seamless process

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